Sunday, June 14, 2009

Haymarket Moon Bounce Rental

I had an awesome setup this Saturday, I was able to book 1 moonbounce in the morning and book it again in the evening. I don't do this much but it just worked out so well because both the events were in Haymarket. They weren't neighbors but they were within 10 mins of each other. Booking a moonbounce rental for birthday parties can be scary when you deal with a greedy company. I've had so many customers who call and say that the company they booked with had doubled booked and had to cancel on them. HOW IS THAT RIGHT!!!!! We never double book our moonbounce, they just causes head aches and sad children. Could you imagine being 4 years old expecting a moonbounce for you party an noone shows up. Personally I would highly be upset. So booking with Amusement Of Bouncers, no matter if you in Arlington, or Haymarket, or Manassas, we will be there for our clients events, on time, everytime.

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